Up to 50GB of storage free on the Internet


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ADrive is a free file storage facility, offering an exceptionally large capacity (50GB completely free) and an environment for file management that resembles closely the filing system you are used to using on your PC.

You can organize files just as you would within your own computer system, from a window that closely resembles the familiar File Explorer; here you can view all the available operations to perform with your files.

Within this window, the majority of ADrive's actions can be performed, from adding, copying and deleting files on the online hard disk, to editing the details of your user account.

There is a browser, a calculator of free disk space, directories, public folder (from which files can be shared), file history, upload from hard drive or from the web and a tool for downloading specialized files.

The free service offers 50GB free space on an interface that displays advertising. There are other tariffs, which provide more space, are advert-free and have new features such as FTP access or backup copies using specialized software.
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